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Crash landing majorly damages government jet

April 19, 2019

Shortly after a government jet took off from Berlin, pilots lost control of the aircraft. As they attempted to land they were jolted away from the runway and forced to land on the grass.

The Global 5000 jet lands at a severe angle
Image: picture-alliance/dpa/M. Russ

A German government jet suffered considerable damage in an emergency landing at Berlin, according to a report by Der Spiegel on Friday.

The medium-ranged Bombardier Global 5000 jet was reportedly forced to land alongside the runway at Schönefeld airport last Tuesday. Pilots reported serious flight control issues shortly after takeoff, having reached 6,000 meters (roughly 20,000 feet), the publication found.

As the pilots attempted to land, the jet shifted sharply to the right at a height of 300 meters, causing them to miss the runway.

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As the pilots attempted to land the plane, it jolted to the side, forcing them to miss the landing strip.Image: picture-alliance/dpa/M. Russ

The flight was a test run after several weeks of maintenance and not on official government service.

A subsequent investigation by the Bundeswehr found the jet suffered far more severe damage than initially thought, the news magazine reported.

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Structural damage

The landing reportedly caused "considerable structural damage" due to buckling and compression damage on both wings, which struck the ground during the landing. The plane has since been towed to a hangar for further inspection, Spiegel reported.

It also found the fuselage was possibly warped and that the cabin trim came off during the crash landing. It reportedly may still be completely written off.

Investigators tentatively pointed the blame at incorrect adjustment of wing flaps used for both braking and flight control.

The Luftwaffe has four Bombardier Global 5000s. The jets are used by the air force on short- and medium-haul routes for the transport of members of parliament and the government, among other things. The aircraft can accommodate up to 13 passengers.

The German government's fleet of aircraft have caused considerable problems in recent months, with senior ministers repeatedly being grounded by technical failures.

aw/msh (dpa, AFP)

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